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EAT covers everything you consume - your food, drinks, supplements, medications, the air you breathe and even the lotions on your skin are all just chemicals you add to the mind-blowingly complex cocktail of chemical reactions working to ensure your amazing body can do all the incredible things it does.  It’s no surprise that things can get a bit out of balance or that no one diet fits all. We help you to break past all the overwhelm around nutrition to find a simple and stress-free approach to eating that works for YOU.


SLEEP is not just when you close your eyes at night – it includes ALL the self-nurture and restore stuff. But why is it that taking care of our own beautiful souls is always the last thing on our list?  Whether it’s getting enough sleep, meditating, rehabbing sore joints, breathing deeply, getting a massage or simply treating yourself to a walk in nature, we can help you learn how to get out of “go-go-go (mostly nowhere)” mode and find time again to close your eyes, take a deep breath and smell the flowers.  After all, you deserve it…


PLAY is the fun stuff!  You know… that stuff you just don’t have the time and energy for right now, like exercise, inspiring work, meeting friends, playing with your kids, interesting hobbies, fulfilling relationships with the people around you and generally just loving life. Play is where the laughs are found… it’s the glue that creates and holds together a meaningful life.  You know the value of play and mean to make time for it, but somehow always end up putting it off for another day.  But what if that day could be today?


REPEAT talks to the fact that Eat-Sleep-Play happens every day… relentlessly.  And when you’re burnt out and tired all the time, you live on autopilot, doing the best you can with what little energy is left in the tank.  Your survival brain takes over your daily actions (using the somewhat patchy data of your past experience) to keep you safe and alive. It’s no wonder these habits are so hard to break!  But what if you could take back the driver’s seat and live your day with intent? My job as a coach is to walk alongside you as you learn how to shrug off the conditioning of your past (how you believe you ‘should be’) and instead choose actions that are truly aligned to your own heartfelt values, so that you finally step into the life of your dreams.

So now you know what we do, meet us to find out WHY we think we could be the right people to help...

Suze Robertson

Why me?



  • Bachelor of Science (with distinction) in Mathematics, Statistics and Economics
  • Human Potential Coach, Bulletproof Training Institute
  • Nutrition Coach (current), Precision Nutrition
  • Advanced Diploma in Yoga Teaching, Australian Yoga Academy
  • Mindfulness Training, Human Potential Institute
  • Certified Breathing Coach, Yogabody
  • Neuroscience of Change, Coaches Rising
  • Level 2 CrossFit Trainer
  • Level III and IV Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Trainer
  • Diploma in Actuarial Techniques and Certificate in Finance and Investment
  • Lots of other stuff in biohacking, recruitment, meditation, first aid, surf lifesaving and martial arts


I grew up in South Africa and moved to London early in my career as an actuary and systems analyst in the insurance industry.  I drifted into running my own specialist global recruitment consultancy and moved to Australia, with a Kiwi husband and our two little kids in tow.  Here I ‘followed my passion’ opening a local CrossFit gym in Melbourne, but eventually realised something wasn’t quite right as my clients were getting fitter and I was just getting fatter.   I started learning and researching and the rest is history…


Yup, sadly I was that annoying kid who used to come around to play and read your books instead. So, I kinda love that now my job actually involves reading and researching a heap of sciency stuff.

Such a broad range of health qualifications and experience (see the certs) means I see the whole of you, from the time somebody dropped you as a baby to that doughnut you ate five minutes ago.

I’m not all theory – I get your despair and frustration because  I know what it feels like to slip into burnout without even noticing, as you struggle to juggle the demands of work, family, clients and those never-ending expectations you put on yourself.  So, I will never judge you, no matter where you are right now.

Family, friends, hiking, nature and travel.

To sit watching the ocean with a cup of chai and nowhere else to be.

But don’t take my word for it… hear what some of my clients have to say…


"Suze has the most wonderful ability to combine warmth, knowledge and intuition with effective coaching support. Her knack for reading in between the lines and guiding a person towards positive, sustainable change has been invaluable to me. I now see how ingrained habits and thinking were affecting my health and my ability to move forward within certain areas of my life. I left every session feeling uplifted, inspired, and armed with the tools I needed to start my journey of change. Thank you, Suze for making a difference in my life!"

"If you want to get unstuck, talk to Suze!  Working with her opens my eyes to new possibilities for getting more out of life.  She is highly insightful, clear and practical and with her help, I am continually moving forward.

"Suze is a wonderful life coach. I feel accepted and encouraged during each coaching session and it’s amazing how much transformation can happen in such a short time.  Suze has a highly developed ability to enquire and reflect. I leave each session feeling empowered to act. Thank you Susan for your listening & being present - cannot thank you enough!"

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