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Uncover your roadmap to complete health, wealth and happiness today, so that you can step into life as your very best fit, fired-up and fabulous self right now!

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Having it all can be exhausting

I get it.  Juggling family, career and life comes with countless demands on your precious time and energy, with very little left for YOU!  Chances are you totally plan to make healthy changes as soon as you get on top of life.  Once you finish that big project, scale your business or the children are older, THEN you’ll have time to take care of yourself, right?

I know... healthy seems like too much hard work on top of everything else right now.  And if you've tried any healthy living programs before, then you know what I'm talking about!  The problem with most health and fitness plans is that they pit you in an unsustainable struggle against your own body’s incredibly powerful primal drive for survival.  And that's not a fight you can win with 'willpower'.

But deep down, you know that something has to change very SOON, not just to avoid serious health issues, but because you want to live your life NOW and achieve the real success you so richly deserve.

Your chance for change is here...

But the good news is that, with the right science-based roadmap, you can work WITH your body to shift limiting beliefs, retrain your survival brain and take small, EASY steps to create a life of health, wealth and happiness. 

Once you understand the conflict between your intentions and your subconscious reactions (your ‘bad’ habits), you can start to retrain the survival brain with new automated responses that better support your health and happiness.

Once you discover your “Kryptonites” - the foods or emotional triggers that affect you negatively and keep you stuck - you can remove these obstacles from your path and move forward.

And when you truly remember who you are, you can let go of wasting your time and energy on ‘should’ and step into all of your extraordinary potential.

All you need is the science-based roadmap and a willingness to get Present.

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This 90-day online program takes you step-by-step through a deep transformation of mind, body and soul, shifting the beliefs and obstacles holding you back, so that you can rediscover your badass self and experience a life of health, wealth and happiness.


Denise Dewar, Mental Health Therapist & Farmer, Manitoba, Canada

I joined Suze for yoga and was impressed with her compassion and teaching.  Both my daughter and I love hearing her voice, so I jumped at the chance to join Burnout to Badass!

Suze is a virtual treasure trove of information and shares it all.  The progression encourages us to work on self-care in 4 domains; physical, emotional, spiritual and social with concrete steps we can choose in each area. The information is simply and logically presented and we are invited to progress at the pace that is right for us. I enjoy the ideas, the tips and the connections I forged in the group. Most of all, I continue to be inspired by the safe space of Suze’s compassion and understanding.  And I still love listening to her voice! 


Carey Gould, Adventure & Joy Seeker, 2Bee cont., Kamloops Canada

"My food addiction and obsession began very early. At age of 10 I put myself on a diet from a magazine and I continued on crash diets until at 58, I find this ‘diet guru’, Suze Robertson on Facebook, asking me to try out Mindful Eating.  I think here we go… another money grabber! But it was the complete opposite, I found someone that listened and gave me tools that truly helped. I am one size down already, but the real change is in how I look at food.  It doesn’t control every being of me. I am now happy with who I am, and I love me.  On Burnout to Badass, I found ME and I made my own way using Suze's tools.

I say to you who have high expectations of yourself, listen to Suze and love yourself.  If you fall, keep getting up - you have gems and you will succeed!!!  I could go on and on about what Suze has released for me, it is so lovely!!!!"


Vahljiet T. Grayye, Author & Badass Organizer, Vancouver, Canada

I was struggling with burnout, weight-gain, menopause and on-off dieting when I discovered Suze and immediately fell in love with her easy going and supportive personality and style.  She made simple sense to my overwhelmed brain and in 12 weeks on Burnout to Badass, I realised the cause of my weight gain, discovered my triggers to bad eating and started on a new path to better physical, mental and emotional health. I lost 22 lbs and continue to drop the pounds as I maintain my new lifestyle habits with the right goals and WHY firmly in place.

Suze, the Universe chose to introduce us at the perfect time - when my habits were at their worst while writing my book.  B2B helped me reverse the damage I was doing to myself.  Thank you.

Use my roadmap to climb YOUR mountain...

In this affordable self-study program, you get the same detailed blueprint that all my clients use in their step-by-step journey towards health and happiness, laid out with daily lessons to make following it as easy as Sunday mornings.

Burnout to Badass maps out the complex landscapes of nutrition, exercise, sleep, mindfulness, managing stress, healthy habits, accountability, self-care and self-confidence, so that it becomes simple to make healthy empowering choices.

By understanding how your body works and how food, stress, inflammation, hormones, gut microbiome and supplements all impact your health, you can choose a path that is tailored to nourish YOUR body, mind and soul.  And you can better avoid and overcome obstacles in your way, like limiting beliefs, kryptonite foods, environmental toxins and stress.

You actually get to enjoy your journey, whether you choose a steep, challenging climb or a slow, winding path.  You get to stop and appreciate the view.  And once you can see for miles, your eyes are open to all your beautiful possibility.

Unpacking your program...

Discover exactly what you will experience in each module
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#1 SIMPLICITY - Take your first simple steps

  • Learn the steps you need BEFORE trying to change bad habits.
  • Make your first powerful habit changes without struggle and overwhelm
  • Discover how to easily reduce stress in an instant
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#2 AWARENESS - really ‘see’ your landscape

  • Discover the single most important ingredient to be healthy, happy and wealthy
  • What the diet industry doesn’t tell you about changing your eating habits
  • Uncover how your judgemental self-critic is holding you back.
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  • Explore easy game-changing strategies to nourish your body with food
  • Uncover the secrets to feeling more satiated for longer
  • Learn how to choose a way of eating that works for YOU
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#4 NURTURE - The Crucial value of self-care

  • The TRUTH about cravings and how to eliminate them for good
  • Learn to overcome the challenges that derail most people in the early days of change
  • Understand how one single and constantly overlooked lifestyle change is impacting EVERYthing else you want to change.
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#5 MOVE - BY design for health & longEVITY

  • Understand the science behind exercise that the fitness industry is NOT sharing
  • Create an exercise and movement plan that you LOVE!
  • Discover a tonne of tips to counter a sedentary desk-bound lifestyle
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#6 GRATITUDE - savour the good

  • Discover how to counter the hardwiring in your brain that causes you to pay more attention to negativity
  • Explore sneaky ways the latest science offers to increase your happiness quotient
  • Confront the limiting beliefs holding you back from your limitless possibility.
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#7 REFLECTIONS - Look back at the view

  • Use your journey so far to uncover the truth about why your actions are not matching your intent
  • Gain clarity on exactly where you need to make changes next to bridge this gap.
  • Learn how to let go of what is holding you back.
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#8 KINDNESS - life-Transforming simple act

  • Learn how simple kindness to others can remove your hunger for more
  • Experience how self-kindness can dissolve the shame that holds you back in so many aspects of your life
  • Widen your perception of how kindness can create a worldwide ripple of change.
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#9 CHEMISTRY - Science powering your life

  • Access the secrets of your body that are usually wrapped up in complex scientific research
  • Use the science behind the chemical messengers in your body to work with (instead of against) your hormones and survival brain.
  • Understand how your body fuels you and use this insight to lose weight and increase energy
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#10 TOXICITY - Manage threats around you

  • Identify toxins in your home that may be causing extra stress on your body
  • Learn where hidden toxins in the wider world may be silently causing distress to your mind and body
  • Take simple actions to reduce your toxic load and minimise the impact.
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#11 STRESS - ditch the overwhelm

  • Explore the many, many sources of stress that are impacting your health
  • Understand how stress is affecting your body and your brain
  • Discover our stressbusting strategies to alleviate stress
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#12 SUSTAIN - Create your own roadmaps

  • Draft your own working roadmaps across our EAT, SLEEP and PLAY domains, mapping out your ongoing journey after B2B
  • Get down and dirty with REPEAT – a roadmap to sustain your newfound lifestyle and power ongoing future change.
  • Create your “Emergency Rescue Pack” – a toolbox of plans and tools to use when things go wrong!
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#13 CONNECT - With your highest SELF

  • Learn how to slow life down in order to expand your life experience
  • Dare to step into your truth, remembering who you are and aligning yourself to remove inner conflict
  • Understand the beauty of self-love and how your first easy steps are always there to support you on your journey.
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Your Choice, Your Journey


You could hire a personal trainer, nutritionist and health coach (costing thousands of dollars for three months) and that still won’t cover all the domains we unpack in Burnout to Badass.  Plus their methods might not be what you, or your body, needs at present.

But you have the chance right now, to take ownership of your health – with a CLEAR and simple science-based roadmap that lets YOU choose the route.  At a fraction of the cost…

In fact, today is a VERY good time to take this step.  B2B sells on our website for $497, but you've put your hand up for change by investing in Mindful Eating Bootcamp and so I want to have every chance to live your best life.  Which is why I'm inviting you to join Burnout to Badass today for the very small investment of $197!

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Steph Huxham, Project Admin & Joy Seeker, Melbourne, Australia

"Suze has the most wonderful ability to combine warmth, knowledge and intuition with effective coaching.  Her knack for reading between the lines and guiding me towards positive, sustainable change has been invaluable. Ingrained habits and thinking were affecting my health and life, but I leave each session feeling uplifted, inspired and armed with the tools I need to move forward.  Through the supportive Burnout to Badass group and Suze's wisdom, I am now empowered to make my best choices to show up as the person I want to be.  Thank you, Suze for making a difference in my life!"


Prīti DSilva, Life and Intuitive Eating Coach, Virginia, USA

"Even the first week of Suze’s Burnout to Badass was a huge gamechanger for me. I learnt simple easy ways to take care of myself, which nourished my body and soul. Suze's meditations are the best guided meditations ever!  I have more peace and ease in my life since I started this program.  I highly recommend Burnout to Badass, including the online course with juicy weekly info/action plans you can do at your own pace and the more laser-focused and transformative coaching with Suze. She keeps it real and challenges you at the same time. She's AMAZING!"

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Katy Spangler, Communication Coach and Consultant, Missouri, USA

"I’m great at getting started!  Sadly, I’m also great at getting stuck. No matter how much energy and enthusiasm I have at the start, I will find the bog along the way.  Recently, I was starting a business and got stuck in excuses, insecurity, and indecisiveness.  Lots of plans and no movement.  And along came Suze! She provided the support I needed to move past that murky mess and spring into action.  I’m now moving forward on all fronts, work, health and relationships. It feels great!  Burnout to Badass has all the information, techniques and support I needed to get out of the bog and moving forward!  Thank you, Suze, for being a great mirror, support, and friend!"

SR - Guarantee Badge

Safe and Secure...

Rock-solid 30-day 100% money-back guarantee!!!

I get it!  You’ve tried so many things – how will this be different?  Will it be more money spent with no results?  Absolutely not!  I’m so confident in your experience being different this time, that I am happy to give you a 30-day, no questions asked, full 100% money-back guarantee.

This means that you get to check out the program for 30 days and if, for any reason, it’s not what you wanted or expected, you just need to email me at [email protected] within 30 days of purchase and we will happily give your money back – along with a thank-you for giving our program a shot!

I want to see as many people as possible change their lives and that’s why I’m making it absolutely risk free for you.  It gives you complete confidence and peace of mind that you have NOTHING to lose (except a few pounds, fatigue, stress, pain, struggle… etc. etc.)!


over $300 in extra bonuses when you sign up today!!

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Bonus #1:

FULL ACCESS to our complete Eat Sleep Play Repeat Meditation Library with over 40+ guided meditations and mindfulness exercises for you to download and enjoy for a daily calming, restorative reset.

(Value $147)

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Bonus #2:

The Motivation Jumpstart Mini Course is a fabulous motivator and perfect refresher for getting you back on the road when you start to drift off course.  It’s your personal reset to making it easy to sustain your healthy, happy life.

(Value $97)

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Bonus #3:

Packed with meal plans and recipes, our Plant-Based Transformation Program is the perfect companion to Burnout to Badass for vegans, vegetarians or anyone just wanting to cut down on meat over the next few months.

(Value $97)


Mary Forbes, Nurse, Health Seeker & Badass-in-Training, Melbourne, Australia

Looking back after completing Burnout to Badass, I have well and truly stepped into Future Me – and will keep doing so as I master more of Suze's techniques and tools.  I hesitated and wrestled about taking the course, but it has been such a rich journey of self-discovery and transformation – confronting and overcoming the unknown barriers (both physical and psychological) holding me back.  Now I’m on the right path with my map, compass and kit and am a much more aware, healthy, self-assured and empowered version of me.  I’d hate to think where I’d be if I hadn’t found this course.  I can’t thank Suze enough or her teaching, coaching and support (and of my fellow trekkers) which provided the insights I needed to overcome, move forward and grow.


Jacqui Callender, Uni Student, United Kingdom

"Working with Suze has been wonderful; she is personable, patient, encouraging and knowledgeable. Burnout to Badass and Suze's expertise have helped me rebuild my life.  It has given me clarity and the confidence to make positive changes to my daily habits, diet and even my career."


Vanessa Butcher, Theatre Nurse & Outdoor Adventurer, New Zealand

This was a life-changing experience which wasn't just about Mindful eating, where it all started  - it was about looking after myself.  Burnout to Badass gave me tools to improve my health and wellbeing, and included outstanding support, which helped me through the challenges I faced. I put in a huge effort and received rewards I will have with me for the rest of my life. The wealth of knowledge that Suze has and shares, is what gives this course its power. It was a 10/10 and would recommend anyone try it if you want to make changes in your life.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to...

  • Finally enjoy a nourishing, healthy relationship with food and navigate the minefield of nutrition with simplicity and ease
  • Kick stress, anxiety and overwhelm to the kerb as you take back control of your actions and habits
  • Get moving and actively take part in life - with confidence and creativity
  • Feel rested, restored and energised, ready to follow your dreams!
  • Lean into real self-compassion and love yourself and life again
  • Shift the blocks and limiting beliefs holding you back from stepping into the intelligent, capable, brave, beautiful, compassionate YOU that has been there all along

What will happen if...


What will it cost you to continue being too tired and overwhelmed to enjoy life?

What will it cost you, every day that goes by, if you do NOT take action right now towards a deep transformation of body, mind and soul?

But right now, at the fraction of a cost of working with a coach in any ONE of the areas covered in this truly unique program, you can experience the empowering change for yourself - as soon as you take our simple step-by-step actions.

You CAN laugh, love and play with the people you love.  After all, you deserve it...


Burnout to Badass Transformation

  • 90-day personal and health transformation experience you can take at your own pace
  • Once in a lifetime opportunity to absolute transform your health and happiness for less than the cost of a weekly personal trainer
  • Sign up below to deeply transform and empower your life and health in the next three months

You can make powerful change right NOW!

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