13-week DEEP TRANSFORMATION for body, mind and soul




Work with me over the next 13 weeks to shift the beliefs and obstacles holding you back and experience a step-by-step, deep transformation of mind, body and soul so you can live with more energy, health and happiness

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You don't have to...

  • Live on this crazy, never-ending rollercoaster of cravings, bingeing and dieting
  • Deal with so much stress, fatigue, brainfog and overwhelm that it feels impossible to move forward
  • Struggle to sustain healthy eating for more than a week or two
  • Never know what to cook for quick, cheap, healthy meals
  • Feel frustrated with your lack of motivation or willpower and stuck in unhealthy habits and mindset
  • Call yourself lazy when you’re too tired to exercise and take part in life
  • Not know where to even START!

Your chance for change is here...

Work with me, over the next 90 days, to replace the old habits and beliefs holding you back with healthy choices and actions.  You absolutely CAN...

  • Wake up feeling energised and excited to start each day
  • Reduce cravings, bingeing and emotional eating, so that it becomes easy to  make healthy food choices
  • Have the energy to enjoy an active lifestyle
  • Get stuff done like a boss and manage your time better
  • Deal with stress and anxiety, like a cooool cucumber
  • Enjoy laughing with friends and family again

We can do this together...

What if it's as easy as simply CHOOSING your style of adventure to get you up that mountain you want to climb?

What if you had a map to detail the route you need to take?

What if you could join a guided group trek, making friends along the way and sharing the journey?

Or even partner with a private guide to walk alongside you as you explore this life of yours?

We can do this together - just choose your adventure.


1. The Solo Ascent

You take my detailed map and use it to climb your mountain.  In our affordable DIY program, you get the same blueprint that all my clients use in their step-by-step journey towards health and happiness, laid out with daily lessons to make following the map as easy as Sunday mornings.

The program maps out the complex landscapes of nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, stress, mindful eating, easy health daily habits, accountability, habit and macro tracking, sleep, self-care and dealing with cravings, so that it becomes easy to make healthy choices.

Begin to understand how your body works and how stress, food (carbs, proteins and fats), inflammation, oxidation, hormones, gut microbiome and supplements all impact your health.

Learn how to choose a path that nourishes your body, mind and soul, while also avoiding or eliminating the obstacles in your way, such as limiting beliefs, kryptonite foods, environmental toxins and stress.

Rediscover your creativity, so that once you reach the summit of this mountain and see the vista of possibility open to you, you can use the map to build out your very own roadmap to showing up as a badass in your absolute best life, including your healthy life toolkit, your 'emergency rescue plans' and your daily habits to sustainable healthy, happy living.

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2. The Guided Group Trek


My personal favourite!  Because I get to work with you in a small crew of other awesome trekkers!  You get everything in our DIY Burnout to Badass program (the solo ascent) AND heaps of time with me in:

  • 13 weekly WORKSHOPS together, where we explore what is holding you back.  Each of these sessions will leave you feeling empowered and motivated - ready to take actions to create your a life by your design.
  • Access to my Mindful Movement program... an incredibly restorative, relaxing and stress-busting hour with me each week.
  • Our awesome private Facebook group (just for our intrepid group of travellers!), where we share experiences and inspire each other onwards and upwards!

3. The Private Guide...


Enjoy the guided group trek plus a little personalised attention and additional support, including:

  • 3 x 1 hour private coaching sessions
  • 13 x 15 minute accountability check-ins
  • Review of your tracking tools, including food  & mood journals, reflections and macro tracking

I walk alongside you along your journey.  Together we consult the map and consider the different paths open to you and where we can expect obstacles.  I can help you choose YOUR best ascent route to the peak of the mountain YOU wish to climb and start climbing with you.

And when you’re exhausted, I'm there at your side, to pass you the water, sit with you for a while and give you what you need to keep going.

Unpacking your program...

BTB – Build-01

Remove the info overload

  • Step-by-step evidence-backed teaching modules (notes and videos) covering everything you need to know about mindset, nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress management, self-care, meditation, mindfulness, supplements and breathwork.
  • All laid out in an experiential learning format that makes it easy for you to make choices that work for YOU.
  • Weekly reflections to consolidate and integrate your learning.
BTB – Build-03

food that nourishes you

  • Easily transform your relationship with food, eliminate emotional eating and reduce craving using mindful eating.
  • Develop a permanent way of eating that suits YOUR lifestyle and needs.
  • Step-by-step plan to help you identify and eliminate foods that are not well tolerated by your body.
BTB – Build-05

Leaning into self-care and recovery

  • 30+ calming (and short!) guided meditations to relax and inspire you.
  • Easy-to-implement strategies to optimise your sleep.
  • Calming techniques and tricks to manage stress and keep you in control.
  • Understanding self-compassion and how it can transform your life.
BTB – Build-02

PLAY... Movement and FUN

  • Safe, comprehensive and simple blueprint to make exercise easy and FUN!
  • Access to a weekly one-hour easy Mindful Movement session for coaching programs (available on Solo Ascent for small cost).
  • Perception shifts that bring more joy into your life and improve relationships with friends and family.
  • Creative new mindset that opens up new opportunities in your career, health and life.
BTB – Build-04

where the magic happens

  • Become a LIFETIME member of our Burnout to Badass community, through our members only Facebook support group for accountability and motivation and all future updates of the learning modules.
  • Grow a network of friends on the same journey as you.
  • Improve connections in your own life, with family, friends and work.
  • One free month in our invitation-only postgrad Fit, Fired-up and Fabulous Tribe on completion of Burnout to Badass.  This membership is next level, helping you to maintain and grow your healthy badassery!
BTB – Build-06


(*not included in Solo Ascent)

  • 13 life-changing weekly Group Coaching workshops, where we dig into shifting the limiting beliefs holding you back and empower you to real change.  Time will be dependent on timezones of participants.
  • Direct access to me in smaller, private Facebook Group, where I answer ALL questions.
  • Full assessment questionnaire so we can better tailor your experience.


Peak Adventure...
What's included?
90 days of daily experiential learning to a happy, healthy YOU!
40+ guided meditations to support your journey
Weekly reflections to integrate your learning
Step-by-step Burnout to Badass framework to facilitate deep change
Stress-busting strategies that you can tailor to work for YOU
Optimal Exercise Blueprint to get maximum impact in minimum time
Mindfulness and mindset training that transforms your world
Burnout to Badass Members Facebook Group
Free month in our invitation-only Fit, Fired-up and Fabulous Tribe
13 x Weekly life-transforming Burnout to Badass Workshops
Weekly online Mindful Movement and access to full library
Small Private Facebook Group for Coaching Clients only
Kick-off assessment questionnaire
3 x monthly private coaching
13 x weekly accountability check-ins
Review of your assessments, reflections, tracking and journals

US $197


US $1,497

OR 3x
Next runs in 2022 OR 3x $499.00

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to...

  • Finally enjoy a nourishing, healthy relationship with food and navigate the minefield of nutrition with simplicity and ease
  • Kick stress, anxiety and overwhelm to the kerb as you take back control of your actions and habits
  • Get moving and actively take part in life - with confidence and creativity
  • Feel rested, restored and energised, ready to follow your dreams!
  • Lean into real self-compassion and love yourself and life again
  • Shift the blocks and limiting beliefs holding you back from stepping into the intelligent, capable, brave, beautiful, compassionate YOU that has been there all along

What will happen if...


What will it cost you to continue being too tired and overwhelmed to enjoy life?

What will it cost you, every day that goes by, if you do NOT take action right now towards a deep transformation of body, mind and soul?

But right now, at the fraction of a cost of working with a coach in any ONE of the areas covered in this truly unique program, you can experience the empowering change for yourself - as soon as you take our simple step-by-step actions.

You CAN laugh, love and play with the people you love.  After all, you deserve it...


"Suze has the most wonderful ability to combine warmth, knowledge and intuition with effective coaching support. Her knack for reading in between the lines and guiding a person towards positive, sustainable change has been invaluable to me. I now see how ingrained habits and thinking were affecting my health and my ability to move forward within certain areas of my life. I left every session feeling uplifted, inspired, and armed with the tools I needed to start my journey of change. Thank you, Suze for making a difference in my life!"

"If you want to get unstuck, talk to Suze!  Working with her opens my eyes to new possibilities for getting more out of life.  She is highly insightful, clear and practical and with her help, I am continually moving forward.

"Suze is a wonderful coach. I feel accepted and encouraged during each coaching session and it’s amazing how much transformation can happen in such a short time.  Suze has a highly developed ability to enquire and reflect. I leave each session feeling empowered to act. Thank you Susan for your listening & being present - cannot thank you enough!"

Burnout to Badass Transformation

  • 90-day personal and health transformation experience, starting Monday 15 February 2021
  • Once in a lifetime opportunity to absolute transform your health and happiness for less than the cost of a weekly personal trainer
  • Sign up below to deeply transform and empower your life and health in the next three months

You can make powerful change right NOW!

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