Join us on Saturday mornings in Koornang Park for a fun outdoors weekly group training session, designed to get you fitter, leaner, stronger and more energised, whatever level of fitness you're at right now!

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In the past have you struggled with

  • Feeling motivated to exercise
  • Exercise falling by the wayside despite starting out with the best of intentions
  • Reaching your ideal body weight
  • Feeling fit enough to enjoy activities with friends and family
  • Getting outside and off electronic devices
  • Stress and anxiety?

Just get moving...

The second bit of advice I give anybody looking to increase their exercise is to find a fun activity just once a week and start with that.  Taking on too much, or doing the same type of training 4 or 5 days a week can be counterproductive, especially if it's unsustainable. 

So come along for a free trial session and find out if our Carnegie training sessions are just the fun weekly activity that you need to get you moving.  (If you were wondering about the first piece of advice I give around exercise, that's to walk at least 10 minutes every day!)



Our workouts..

meet you where you're at by...

  • providing a challenging and safe workout, whatever your requirements
  • varying across a mix of strength, endurance, cardio and high intensity modalities and
  • being tailored to meet your individual level of fitness and goals.
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Your opportunity for change is here...

In our Saturday mornings together, we aim to...

  • Change the way you feel about exercise
  • Help you grow stronger and fitter, so that you can do the things you want in life, whether that's playing with your kids, trying out new activities or simply improving the way you feel every day.
  • Laugh and have fun with an awesome group of new friends.
  • Rediscover more energy and feel good about yourself.



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Not all hard work!

Your membership includes...

  • Saturday morning training at Koornang Park
  • Access to our Mindful Movement Membership, a weekly online restorative session which helps you to relax tight muscles, ease stress and reconnect mind, body and soul - a perfect complement to your Saturday sessions!
  • Simple at-home strength program and workbook
  • Health, Happiness and new friends

We currently have 3 spots available...

...for three intrepid souls who love the idea of exercising in the fresh, clean outdoors with other like-minded folk.

If you think this might be just what you need, then come along and check us out with a free trial session - indicate your interest below.

But be quick - once those spots are taken, we are at full capacity again until somebody leaves.




Your coach...

Hey there! I'm Suze Robertson,

an experienced CrossFit Coach, Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher and Health Coach, with a strong focus on the overall health and well-being of everybody who works with me.  If you're in our Saturday morning crew, I'll help you...

  • Feel fitter, faster and stronger
  • Keep you safe by modifying your program to suit your needs, abilities and any injuries you might carry
  • Enjoy yourself so much you bounce out of bed on Saturday mornings to train!
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Carnegie Park Training

Saturday Mornings at 8am in Koornang Park

Effective strength and fitness training that feels more like fun!

Limited slots available, so don't delay  - enter your name and email below or email [email protected] to ensure you get one of those openings.

Grab one of our 3 training spots NOW!