KICK emotional eating and cravings for good,
even if you have no time, energy or willpower!

Healthy eating shouldn't be so hard...

I mean we all know WHAT to do, right?

Just "eat real food, reduce stress and get enough sleep and exercise."

So WHY is it so hard to make even the simplest of changes?

WHY do your best intentions get completely derailed by those inevitable cravings that pop up as SOON as you decide to get healthy... no matter how determined you are to lose weight and feel better?

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Tried ALL the diets, but just

can't stick to any?

  • How many Monday mornings have you started out determined to stick to a new diet, only to tempted by Tuesday and giving up by Wednesday?
  • Or maybe a diet worked for a while, before you drifted back to your old emotionally-triggered eating habits?
  • And now you feel trapped by irresistable cravings, no matter how hard you try to do things differently?

Imagine if things were

completely different

and you craved NOURISHING food
instead of sugary junk!
  • wake up full of energy each day
  • heal your body with healthy choices and easily resist damaging temptations
  • lose weight and keep it off
  • get focused and back in control
  • stop feeling tired all the time
  • quit procrastinating and get stuff done!
  • feel confident and rediscover your voice as you step back into your best self.
  • deal with stress and anxiety like a boss
  • live vibrantly and for longer
  • laugh more and love your life again

The diet is not the problem...'s STICKING to the diet that's the problem!

But craving food is a completely normal survival mechanism - I mean without a HUGE desire to eat, your ancestors would have had very little incentive to go to all the trouble of hunting and gathering.

And your survival system is a crazily complex system of multiple body and brain mechanisms sending you constant messages to get you off your butt to find food... like RIGHT NOW!  Hangry anyone?

This means that eliminating cravings requires a multi-faceted approach to addressing ALL the physical, mental and emotional triggers that somehow end up with you standing in front of an open fridge wondering how you got there.

And yet, the standard industry method to ‘get healthy’ is the single-minded approach of forcing ourselves into new lifestyle and eating habits, using willpower to fight AGAINST our most basic, innate survival instincts.

It’s not a winning recipe for success.

In fact, it just creates a WHOLE lot of inner conflict, which triggers more stress, more inflammation and ultimately MORE cravings.

It's time for a simple and easy

empowering new approach

When you understand your triggers, you can work WITH your body and survival brain to short-circuit cravings.

Because if you don't know WHY you're eating, no amount of willpower will stop you from ripping open that bag of 'treats' once the first craving hits!

And until you make this shift, you will feel stuck in an overwhelming and neverending struggle between cravings and living your best life.

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Kick Cravings to the Kerb

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Kick Cravings to the Kerb is a 21-day intensive that takes you through the exact steps my clients follow to transform self-sabotaging and out-of-control eating to a healthy, nourishing relationship with food again

This program is packed with all the science-based insights and simple step-by-step actions you can take to train your body and brain to put you back in the driver's seat when it comes to food.


But don't take my word for it... see what others have to say

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Check out exactly what you will unpack each day...
  • On Day 1, we unpack your strong primal need to eat and how this underlying physiology can drive cravings without you even noticing.
  • Day 2 we visit the stress response to better understand how stress and living in ‘survival mode’ can have a huge impact on cravings.
  • On Day 3, we look at your incredible survival brain in a new, fun way that helps you to remove judgement and better manage your cravings.
  • Day 4 is all about that sugar roller coaster and how it is keeping you trapped in a cycle of self-perpetuating craving.
  • On Day 5 we unpack the prime physical driver behind ‘emotional eating’ and how you can easily fulfil this need in other ways.
  • On Day 6 the fun begins as we purge your pantry and fridge of all the foods that are exacerbating your cravings, so that you can start to heal your body.
  • Day 7 is all about putting together a nourishing meal plan for your week and going shopping!
  • On Day 8 we look at how completely shifting your narrative around breakfasts can be a game-changer for cravings.
  • On Day 9, we take a crash-course refresher on the magic of Mindful Eating and how you can use this powerful technique to reduce cravings.
  • Day 10 teaches you how to optimise exercise and movement to reduce cravings and feel good with the absolute minimum of effort.
  • On Day 11, we dive into the tremendous impact sleep has, not just on your general health, but more specifically on cravings and we look at how you can start improving both the quantity and quality of your sleep.
  • Day 12 lets you experience how meditation is another gamechanger when it comes to managing your cravings.
SECTION #3 - Tips and Tricks for a Craving Free Life
  • On Day 13 we look at 10 easy ways to flatten your sugar rollercoaster and remove sugar cravings from your life for good!
  • Day 14 is planning day - making your week ahead simple and easy
  • On Day 15 we explore an incredibly useful tool to help you get real about exactly HOW MUCH you eat in a day (no judgement of course)!
  • On Day 16 we take a look at supplements that that have been shown to reduce cravings, making it much easier for you to make immediate change.
  • On Day 17 we learn how to navigate dining out, so that a fun night out with friends doesn't need to derail all your efforts so far!
  • Day 18 is jam-packed with plenty of easy tips and tricks to reduce stress, which is one of the biggest drivers of cravings!
  • Day 19 looks at how your biggest source of inner conflict is leaving you always wanting more and how you can address that to step into your best self.
  • On Day 20, we look back at everything we have covered and use it to build out your personal roadmap to minimise or totally eliminate cravings in your life going forward.
  • And finally on Day 21, we round things off with a look at how a few simple, yet essential habits for a healthy, happy and craving-free life.

Packed with Goodness...

Kick Cravings to the Kerb delivers on so many levels and includes:

  • 21 days of short, but powerful, step-by-step video lessons, guided meditations and easy health-transforming exercises to address the REAL reasons you are struggling to make change.
  • Your beautifully crafted Kick Cravings Workbook with checklists for action points, a daily habit tracker to make it easy to build new habits and plenty of space for those reflections to help it all sink in.
  • Your delicious low-carb recipe pack, complete with two weeks worth of meal plans, recipes and shopping lists!
  • Access to our Kick Cravings private community of supportive, like-minded souls to share your journey.
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This time things can be different...

If you’re like most people who come to me, you’ve tried plenty of healthy diet and exercise programs and usually end up feeling worse about yourself.

Kick Cravings to the Kerb is very different, because it gets to the root of your self-sabotaging behaviour around food, allowing real and lasting change, so that you can feel good, look fabulous and enjoy food again.

And how many years of endless struggle and probably thousands of dollars in self-help and medical expenses would it save you if you could find the right solution today?

Luckily Kick Cravings won’t cost you thousands, or even hundreds.  This program is usually priced at $127, but right now you can get lifetime access to Kick Cravings for only US$37!

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Enrol in the KICK CRAVINGS Challenge

for just US$37 today (usually $127)!

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Rock-solid, 7-day 100% money-back guarantee!!!

And if, for any reason, you don’t like the program, just email me within 7 days of purchase and I will happily give your money back, as well as a thank-you for giving the challenge a shot!

So, you can join this incredible program absolutely risk free and with complete peace of mind that you won't be wasting any money!

Plus there's more!

Three extra special festive bonuses when you sign up today!!

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Bonus #1:

We all know how damaging sugar can be to the mind, body and even soul!  And busting that self-perpetuating sugar rollercoaster is a huge part of Kick Cravings.

This Sugar Detox e-book exposes ALL the hidden added sugars feeding your sugar rollercoaster and triggering cravings without you even realising!

(Value $47)

Breakfast Recipe Mockup


Reframing the way you think about breakfast is a powerful tool we use in Kick Cravings (Day 8) and this handy (and absolutely fabulous) breakfast recipe guide will do ALL the hard work for you.

Not only is packed with tips for making breakfast easy, nourishing and satiating, but it contains over 20 delicious recipes that do just that!

(Value $37)

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Reducing stress is also key to reducing cravings, but we all know that's easier said than done!

But with two of my Mindful Movement sesssions, you can beautifully stretch and destress your body, mind and soul whenever your need!  Take a quiet few moments away from the crazy, or get the whole family involved!

(Value $27)

When you Kick Cravings...

finally end the roller coaster...

... of emotional eating highs, followed by guilt and frustration lows.

Take back control of your cravings, so that you can step into the life you choose, happy, healthy and in love with yourself again.

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What will happen if you do nothing?

Unless you do something differently, life will become ever more of a struggle, as you gradually put on more weight, struggle to focus, suffer with aches and pains, wrestle with overwhelm, anxiety, sadness and fatigue and even experience chronic illness or symptoms.

And how will you feel in a year if nothing has changed?

Overcoming that initial inertia to change is the hardest step.

All you need to do is take it.

About Your Coach

Hi, I’m Suze Robertson and I bring a wealth of experience and qualifications to researching the latest health and wellness science so that you don't have to spend your precious time and energy trying to work it all out.

But more importantly than that: I have been where you are now. Burnt Out. Depleted. Unhealthy. And totally over it.

Here is what I've learnt:

Everyone is different. What works for others might not be right for you. So I won’t tell you WHAT to do – we simply explore your science-backed options and YOU choose.

You are NOT lazy, unmotivated or failing.  We simply need to take a journey to discover what’s holding you back.

Real change is not about goals and milestones - it's about shrugging off the conditioning of your past so you can step into the power of living aligned with your heartfelt values.


Why me?



  • Bachelor of Science (with distinction) in Mathematics, Statistics and Economics
  • Bulletproof Coach, Human Potential Institute
  • Primal Health Coach (current), PHC Institute
  • Nutrition Coach (current), Precision Nutrition
  • Advanced Diploma in Yoga Teaching, Australian Yoga Academy
  • Mindfulness Training, Human Potential Institute
  • Certified Breathing Coach, Yogabody
  • Neuroscience of Change, Coaches Rising
  • Level 2 CrossFit Trainer
  • Level III & IV Personal and Group Fitness Trainer
  • Diploma in Actuarial Techniques and Certificate in Finance and Investment
  • Lots of other stuff in biohacking, careers, meditation, first aid, surf lifesaving and martial arts

What do you choose today?

When you join Kick Cravings to the Kerb, you are saying a big fat yes to...

  • Taking back control of your actions around food
  • The first steps to a healthier, happier, more energetic and productive you!
  • Understanding your struggles with lifestyle and habit changes
  • Becoming part of a fun, supportive and caring community of others on the same journey.
  • A chance to reconnect with yourself and experience real change.

Make powerful change right NOW!

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