Learn to short-circuit emotional and stress eating!
In just 5 days, you can enjoy a healthy relationship with food even if you have no time, energy or willpower!

"Dear Starting-on-Monday,
I'm sorry, but it's over.
It's not you, it's me... I've changed..."

You’re ambitious, determined and usually very motivated.  But your health has taken a back seat lately… and you're starting to feel it.

Fatigue, weight-gain, lack of focus, irritability or days when you just get nothing done.  You may even be experiencing chronic health issues, yet somehow none of these things motivate you to make real changes to your eating.


Tried ALL the diets, but still struggle to

lose fat & feel good?

  • How many Monday mornings have you started out all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, determined to stick to a new eating plan, only to be losing steam by Tuesday and giving up by Wednesday?
  • Or maybe a diet worked for two or three weeks (or even months), but then you drifted back to your old habits of emotional or stress triggered eating?
  • Do you feel well and truly stuck on the roller coaster of cravings and self-loathing, no matter how hard you try?

Imagine if things were

completely different!

Imagine a simple shift that empowers you to effortlessly choose foods that NOURISH (instead of damage) your body, mind and soul, letting you:
  • thrive on increased energy
  • get rid of bloating and digestive issues
  • lose weight
  • manage stress and emotions around eating
  • improve your health and longevity
  • finally be free of guilt and frustration around eating
  • reduce brain-fog and improve focus
  • enjoy life again and laugh more
  • forget about dieting for good!

It's not the diet... it's you...

The reality is that no diet is going to work if you're trying to make changes to your eating habits without addressing the underlying root causes.

And just like any relationship, no diet or exercise program is going to work unless it's right for YOU.   And for that to happen, you need to get truly conscious about what is happening in your body, understanding your triggers and the sources of the conflict between your intentions and actions.

Mindful Eating is your key to opening that first door to real, long-term change as it empowers you to turn that mindless snacking into mindful healthy choices without needing willpower.

And the good news is, once you have the key, it isn't even all that hard!

But here is your chance to try an

empowering new approach

Because if you don't know WHY you're eating, no amount of willpower will stop the mindless snacking that ends up with all those chocolates disappearing before you even notice!

But Mindful Eating helps you to short-circuit emotional and stress eating, making it much easier to change food habits.

And until you make this subconscious shift, you will feel stuck in a neverending struggle to transform your health (and life).





Mindful Eating Bootcamp

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This 5-day online Mindful Eating program will take you through the exact steps all my clients follow, BEFORE they even think about making any dietary changes.

This is your opportunity to transform that self-sabotaging and out-of-control eating to a healthy, nourishing relationship with food again.


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Check out exactly what you will unpack each day...
  • Discover the simplicity and ease of mindfulness with a simple shift in awareness – no hours of sitting in zen-inspired silence needed!
  • Learn how to apply this incredibly powerful magic of mindfulness to heal your relationship with food.
  • Experience a taste of Mindful Eating!
  • Uncover the real reason for the inner conflict between the version of you that wants healthy change and the other part of you that can’t seem to resist temptation?
  • Understand how chronic stress puts you in autopilot, constantly struggling to make change.
  • Learn simple strategies to easily short-circuit those autopilot ‘bad habits’ and empower yourself to step back into the driver’s seat of your life.
  • Learn how to nourish (instead of deny) yourself when making healthy changes, so that your body does not feel constantly hungry and deprived.
  • Understand how reframing breakfast in the most delicious way can have a significant impact on your health.
  • Enjoy plenty of practical tips to pack more scrumptious nutrients into your meals to nourish, heal and energise your mind, body and soul!
  • Finally understand why most diets and exercise programs haven’t worked for you.
  • Get a peek at our Burnout to Badass framework – the step-by-step methodology we use with all our clients, to gradually, sustainably and effectively take them through small steps towards big change.
  • Discover the internal and external factors impacting your health and habits in ways the diet industry does NOT talk about.
  • Learn how wasting your precious time and energy doing what is expected of you instead of following your own true life-path is negatively impacting your health.
  • Understand how your perpetual drive to succeed is creating self-judgement, limiting beliefs, negative health and eventually leading to burnout.
  • Discover how self-compassion allows you to stop blaming yourself and take full responsibility for your life so you can find your way back to you.

Get instant access to...

#DailyLearning - Experience 5 days of daily video lessons and easy exercises that will transform your relationship with food without needing time, energy or willpower

#Workbook - Enjoy our beautifully crafted Mindful Eating Bootcamp Workbook, packed with takeaways, summaries, reflections and checklists to consolidate your experience so you don't forget a thing!

#GuidedMeditations - Sink into a few minutes of transformative daily guided meditation, designed to support your journey to a healthy relationship with food from the inside out.

#JournalTemplate - Track your OWN experience with food with your easy to use Food and Mood journal template.

#Community - Receive instant access to our Eat Sleep Play Repeat Facebook community of supportive, like-minded souls to share your journey.

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This time things can be different...

If you’re like most people who come to me, you’ve tried plenty of healthy diet and exercise programs and usually end up feeling worse about yourself.  Mindful Eating Bootcamp is very different, because it gets to the root of your self-sabotaging behaviour around food, allowing real and lasting change.  And how many years, thousands of dollars and endless struggle would it save you if you could find the right solution today?

Luckily this won’t cost you thousands, or even hundreds of dollars!  I usually sell this program at $97, but right now, to spread this message to as many people as possible, I’m practically giving it away for $27!  For only US$27, you can leave behind your struggles with unhealthy eating and enjoy a lifelong happy relationship with food!  And with lifetime access, you can revisit the bootcamp whenever you want a refresher!

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Enrol in Mindful Eating Bootcamp

for just US$27 today (usually US$97)!

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Rock-solid, 7-day 100% money-back guarantee!!!

This means that if, for any reason, you don’t like the program, you can email me at [email protected] within 7 days of purchase and I will happily give your money back - as well as a thank-you for giving the bootcamp a shot!

So, you can join this incredible bootcamp absolutely risk free, giving you complete confidence and peace of mind!


Mindful Eating Bootcamp IS NOT JUST ABOUT FOOD

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About Your Bootcamp Coach

Hi, I’m Suze Robertson and I bring a wealth of experience and qualifications to researching the latest health and wellness science so that you don't have to spend your precious time and energy trying to work it all out.

But more importantly than that: I have been where you are now. Burnt Out. Depleted. Unhealthy. And totally over it.

Here is what I've learnt:

Everyone is different. What works for others might not be right for you. So I won’t tell you WHAT to do – we simply explore your science-backed options and YOU choose.

You are NOT lazy, unmotivated or failing.  We simply need to take a journey to discover what’s holding you back.

Real change is not about goals and milestones - it's about shrugging off the conditioning of your past so you can step into the power of living aligned with your heartfelt values.


Why me?



  • Bachelor of Science (with distinction) in Mathematics, Statistics and Economics
  • Bulletproof Coach, Human Potential Institute
  • Primal Health Coach (current), PHC Institute
  • Nutrition Coach (current), Precision Nutrition
  • Advanced Diploma in Yoga Teaching, Australian Yoga Academy
  • Mindfulness Training, Human Potential Institute
  • Certified Breathing Coach, Yogabody
  • Neuroscience of Change, Coaches Rising
  • Level 2 CrossFit Trainer
  • Level III & IV Personal and Group Fitness Trainer
  • Diploma in Actuarial Techniques and Certificate in Finance and Investment
  • Lots of other stuff in biohacking, recruitment, meditation, first aid, surf lifesaving and martial arts

What will happen if you do nothing?

Unless you do something differently, life will become ever more of a struggle, as you gradually put on more weight, struggle to focus, suffer with aches and pains, wrestle with overwhelm, anxiety, sadness and fatigue and even experience chronic illness or symptoms.

And how will you feel in a year if nothing has changed?

Overcoming that initial inertia to change is the hardest step.

All you need to do is take it.

With Mindful Eating

finally end the roller coaster...

... of emotional eating highs, followed by guilt and frustration lows.

And the best part is, like most relationships, all you need to do to make food a healthy, enjoyable and nourishing part of your day, is stop trying so hard.

You and healthy eating really could grow old together!


What do you choose today?

When you join Mindful Eating Bootcamp, you are saying a big fat yes to...

  • An exploration of a new, easy and uncomplicated relationship between you and food
  • Taking the first steps to a healthier, happier, more energetic, focused and productive you!
  • An understanding of your struggles with lifestyle and habit changes
  • An opportunity to reconnect with yourself to experience real change.
  • Becoming part of a fun, supportive and caring community of others on the same journey as you.

Make powerful change right NOW!

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