"I have no willpower..." what I hear almost EVERY time I ask someone what is holding them back from a healthy, happy life.

The reply comes in many forms... unmotivated, too lazy, too tired or even "no time."

And most of the time it simply means...


"Why can't I just do what I say I'll do?"

I mean we all KNOW how FREAKING IMPORTANT this is.

We even know WHAT to DO!

But, no matter how hard we try, somehow we just can't seem to stick to healthy eating and lifestyle choices.

So, what the heck is making it so dang hard?!?


Is it really lack of willpower?

I don't think so...

Because the people I work with are often the most determined, tenacious over-achievers I know!

They might be exhausted and burnt out, but motivation and willpower are NOT the problem.

And they are definitely NOT LAZY!

Even though many days that is exactly how they feel about how they're showing up in the world right now.

So, why don't your actions match your words?

WHY do you SAY you’re going to do one thing, like follow a new diet, but then actually DO SOMETHING ELSE, like giving up the diet in week 2 (or day 2)!

It’s because of huge internal conflict between you and your survival brain.

Let me explain...

No matter how determined you are that the diet will work this time, your survival brain has it’s own agenda and the only goal on that agenda is to keep you alive!

For example, if your blood glucose suddenly drops because you cut out your usual morning doughnut, your survival brain will go all-in at persuading you to reach for a quick shot of sugar before you pass out (or worse) and you'll feel that in the form of crazy intense cravings.

It's just your survival brain trying to SAVE YOUR LIFE!

Which is why, no matter how strong your willpower, your survival brain is going to over-ride your best intentions (even when it’s got things a bit wrong).

But it gets worse...

Because when you’re stressed, burnt out or even just a little anxious, your stress response kicks in and your survival brain takes over - you switch to autopilot.

It's no wonder you don't feel in control.

And if you're living a chronically stressful lifestyle, then you're in your fight-or-flight stress response ALL the time!

Which means NO amount of MYTHICAL WILLPOWER is going help you stick to your best-laid healthy plans when your survival brain is running the show with a different roadmap.

And you can see why the old methods of using willpower to lose weight and establish new healthy habits just won't work.


With a different approach, you can...

TAKE BACK CONTROL of that driving seat.

Get clear on the direction you're taking.

RETRAIN your survival brain to get on board with the new route and remove that inner conflict.

AVOID GETTING STUCK on any obstacles on the road ahead.

And then absolutely NOTHING can stop you from showing up in your healthiest, happiest life!

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Introducing Motivation Jumpstart


In our 5 days together, you’ll follow in their footsteps to...

  • Take back control of your habits by learning to short-circuit your survival brain
  • Learn how to tap into the brain’s reward system to increase your motivation
  • Kickstart your healthiest, happiest life with our easiest, most essential Bitesize Health Hacks
  • Get clarity on the direction that most aligns with YOU, so that you can move forward instead of being distracted by 'shoulds'.
  • Start shifting the limiting beliefs and other Kryptonites holding you back.

Feel Fit, Fired-up and Fabulous again...


If you're thinking that Motivation Jumpstart sounds perfect for you, but there's just NO WAY you will find the time or energy to do anything extra right now, I KNOW exactly how you feel, because I felt like that too once.

But the good news is that Motivation Jumpstart is DESIGNED exactly for busy, burnt out and stressed folks.

It's where all the stressed, burnt-out and overwhelmed souls following our Burnout to Badass journey start.

Because not only will this challenge require very little time and energy from you each day, but the steps you take will actually help you restructure your time and boost your energy, so you get bucketloads MORE TIME AND ENERGY in your life!

Think about it as a pleasant meander through the forest that leaves you feeling inspired and ready to tackle a mountain next.


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Unpacking Motivation Jumpstart...

BTB – Build-01

Remove the info overload

  • Evidence-backed teaching that makes it easy to do things differently this time.
  • All laid out in a 5-day experiential journey that walks you through the steps needed to take back control of your life.
  • Workbook with Daily Checklists, Habit Trackers and Takeaways to simplify your daily learning.
BTB – Build-04

connection and accountability

  • Experience the huge motivation boost that comes with being part of a community of like-minded people on the same journey.
  • Practise doing what you say you'll do in a non-judgemental space of people who understand your struggles.
  • Make new friends and connections.
BTB – Build-06


  • Shift the limiting beliefs that are holding you back and sabotaging your motivation.
  • Empowering daily guided meditations to short-circuit your stress response and increase clarity.
  • Direct access to me within our community for ANY questions.

Don’t miss this chance to...

  • Lighten your load so that you can reduce stress, anxiety and overwhelm.
  • Take back control of your choices, actions and habits with confidence, so that you can look and feel good with ease!
  • Enjoy productive days where you achieve results instead of running in busy circles.
  • Get clear on where you're going and fall back in love with the direction of your life, fully energised to follow those dreams.

What will it cost you..


Because we both know that's NEVER going to happen unless you CHANGE something.

And every day that passes with you feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, unproductive and unmotivated is costing you in health and wealth.

It's costing you the energy to enjoy laughter, joy and connection with the people you love most.

It's costing you too many precious moments in a life well-lived.

The truth is you simply don't have time to carry on feeling like this.

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Join Motivation Jumpstart

  • 5-day challenge starting Monday 10 April 2023.
  • Absolutely FREE once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to transform your health and happiness.
  • Sign up below to get started now.

You can make powerful change right NOW!

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