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Maxime Lagacé

Run an online business they said…

Life will be so easy they said…

You’ll be lying on a beach in Barbados while the money is rolling in… they said.

So, you jumped in… ready to become an online digital CEO.

I mean you just have to make a website and perhaps run a few Google or Facebook ads right? How hard can it be?

Nobody said anything about you having to become a tech guru and marketing expert too!

Nobody warned you that in order to share your magic with the world, you would have to know all about niches, free content and messaging, generating leads, nurturing leads, launches, funnels, building landing and sales pages, email marketing and automation, shopping carts, course and membership platforms, webinar and livestreaming platforms, video hosting, Facebook, Google, Youtube and other social media advertising, SEO, scheduling, affiliations and more!

It can be very overwhelming… especially at first.

Credit to Andrea Piacquadio (Pexels)
Working out the tech for your online business can be stressful and overwhelming.

And one of the more complex areas is choosing the best software packages to use for all these different components of your online business.

Because before you even THINK about diving into Facebook advertising, Google Ads or any other social media advertising, you need a basic setup for your sales and delivery process.

So, what do you need to get started?

🏪 – Sales pages to sell each product (like a website, landing pages or an e-commerce site – essentially your virtual shop-front)

🔣 – Platform to host your courses and products (so buyers can login to access their course, memberships and subscription only content)

📺 – Video hosting software if your course platform does not include unlimited video hosting

📩 – E-mail automation software for communicating with your customers and the leads on your email lists

💵 – Shopping carts and payment software to take payments

📹 – Webinar and/or livestreaming platforms to present to clients and leads

🗓️ – Calendar or scheduling software to arrange 1-1 appointments

And the list goes on, depending on what specific form your business takes.

Sometimes it’s like the more you learn, the harder it becomes!

Choosing your software is just the start…

Next you need to understand how to best to use the software and to set it all up and configure each of these platforms to optimise YOUR business.

But what can be even MORE challenging is ensuring that all of these different software packages can talk to each other, so that all your processes can work automatically and seamlessly, taking both leads and buyers through your processes without you having to do anything (known as your “funnel” in marketing speak). This saves you from manually having to take their payment, send them an email, set them up on your course platform and check they have everything they need.

If you don’t hit that automation sweet spot, you’ll never be lying on a beach in Barbados listening to “cha-ching” chimes on your phone! 

For sure, some platforms cover more than one function, and some have inbuilt capacity to talk directly to some other platforms, but more often than not, you’ll need another third-party software to help that cross-software communication.

And while you most certainly could get somebody to sort this all out for you, unfortunately the best tech experts – the ones with the ability to assess your business (and personal!) needs and then recommend the best options for you and your business – are usually waaaaay more expensive than the average start-up can afford.

On the other hand, not kicking off with the right software can cost you even bigger in the long term.

But wait… there IS good news!

Making sales while you enjoy life doesn’t have to be an idle dream…

What I discovered (after almost 2 years and many thousands of dollars of immersing myself in the world of online marketing and learning from the experts) is that it really isn’t as complicated as it seems. 

With a bit of know-how, one can actually start quite cheaply and simply – often using free versions of a software until you grow your client base and need to upgrade to more capacity or functionality.

And once you dig in, if you’ve chosen the right software, you’ll find it quite easy to learn to use, with plenty of videos and support to help you on your way.

I’ll put up a blog soon about the start-up tech stack I’ve used, but right now I’m actually in the process of migrating all of my courses and marketing tools (including my website, sales pages, blog, course delivery, payment processing, email automation, video hosting and even SEO) onto Groove Digital, an all-in-one solution, which promises to be the industry gold-standard very soon (it already has the fastest page loading speeds and unbelievably well thought out functionality).

The BIGGEST plus (for me) is the ability to literally make changes instantly and in minutes, without having to learn a heap of different software packages or pay a fortune for experts.

The biggest plus for YOU is that Groove Digital has an incredible unlimited lifetime offer that ends on 22 Feb 2022! 

This means that your initial payment would be recuperated within months (depending on what you pay for your tech stack now) and you might NEVER have to pay anything again for ANY of the software you need to run an online business!!!!!!

You can actually sign up for FREE right now, but if you do want to get the lifetime premium offer, then please make sure you take the upgrade option before 22 Feb ends!

I hope this rocks your online business, saves you squillions and contributes to your massive success in future! 🚀🚀🚀

❓❓❓Hit me up with any questions!

All the loves, Suze


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