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Eat Sleep Play Repeat empowers tired, run-down souls with a clear and simple roadmap to looking beautiful, feeling fabulous and loving life again.

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Hands up if

this is you:

  • Tired, brain-fogged, overweight and running on empty
  • Always busy... but never getting anywhere
  • Frustrated at your lack of energy and motivation

What if change

is easier than you think?

Imagine if, instead of stumbling through the day, you get to bring it at your best - healthy, creative, productive, smart, funny, kind and beautiful - a total badass?

Healthy needn’t be out of reach if you let us do the heavy lifting for you. We’ll wade through and fact-check all the latest health science research, distilling it into simple, doable habits that are fun for you to action and easy to sustain.

Let’s turn your overwhelm into a step-by-step roadmap to better health across nutrition, exercise, sleep, mindset, recovery, friends, family and even career, so that self-care becomes your jam, not another crappy chore on your bottomless todo list.

About Eat Sleep Play Repeat

Hi, I’m Suze Robertson, and I bring a wealth of qualifications and experience to researching the latest health and wellness science so that you have more time and energy in your life.

But more importantly than that: I have been where you are now. Burnt Out. Depleted. Unhealthy. And totally over it.

Here is what I know:

Everybody is different. What works for others won’t necessarily be right for you. That means I won’t tell you what to do – we explore the options together and YOU choose the next step.

You are not lazy and unmotivated – nobody will judge you here. We simply work together to discover what’s holding you back.

I don’t focus on goals and achievements - I walk alongside you as you shrug off the conditioning of your past and step into the power of living aligned with your heartfelt values.

You’ve totally got this… now find out how I can help you.



"I left every session feeling uplifted, inspired, and armed with the tools I needed to start my journey of change."

"If you want to get unstuck, talk to Suze!"


"I leave each session feeling empowered to act."

Ready for change?

Here’s how we can work together.

We get it – when you’re tired all the time, you’re just not at your most productive and time and money might be in short supply. Our FREE content is made just for you! We're currently running a weekly restorative 'Virtual Retreat' or you can sign up for our Bitesize Health Hack Kickstarter Challenge - our 7 most essential hacks you need to get started on the road to Fit, Fired Up and Fabulous!

The beauty of 1-1 coaching is that the road goes where you take it. We walk together to discover what is holding you back from leading a rich, healthy and successful life.  Perhaps that involves consulting around nutrition, exercise and sleep or unpeeling some of those sabotaging layers of conditioning. Apply below to work with me personally as I do currently have a limited number of spaces available.

Launching soon - an online experience tailored to transform your life. We give you all the tools you need (through video lectures, notes, workshops, meditation audios and group coaching) and support you as you share this metamorphosis with others on the same journey. If you’re ready for that kind of change, then get on the waitlist for one of the very limited spots on our upcoming Beta program.

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